Welcome to the 39th Infantry Regiment Living History Group

The 39th Infantry Regiment are the UK’s only World War 2 Romanian Reenactment and Living History Group. We aim to show the vital role that the Kingdom of Romania played on the Eastern Front between 1940 and 1944.

Our group aims to portray the 39th Infantry Regiment from the entrance of the Romania in 1941 all the way through the disbanding of the 14th Infantry Division in 1944.  

The 14th Infantry Division consisted of two Infantry Regiments; the 13th Stefan cel Mare (Which recruited from Iasi), the 39th Petru Rares (Which recruited from Floresti, Cluj), one hunter regiment; 6th Vanatori (Which recruited from Balti), and two artillery regiments; the 24th (recruiting from Ungheni) and the 29th (recruiting from Balti). The 14th Infantry Division recruited from the Balti Country, although it moved to Iasi in June 1940.

The 14th Infantry Division, alongside the 9th Division formed II Corps, part of the 3rd Army, under the charge of General Petre Dumetriescu. Famously they held the north flank of Stalingrad, where they fended off T-34 tanks with blankets and hand grenades.

Our FAQ sheet

Group Standing Orders

Our standing orders are important details that must be followed. 

You will require a valid Public Liability Insurance (PLI) in order to attend events with the 39th Inf Reg. you require PLI for the UK, we personally recommend the All Front’s Re-enactment Association (AFRA). You must be over the age of 16 to join this group. Please visit their website or Facebook page for more details. 


Whilst attending events with the 39th Inf Reg, Shows Expectations (See below) must be adhered too. 

Prior to attending a show, please ensure all kit is available and you have brought enough of your own personal kit. The evening before the show, an inspection of kit and uniform shall be carried out.

Although rank is purely for aesthetic reason, please treat each other with respect. Caporal Joshua Boyle is the leader of the group and as such any advice given must be taken. 

Show expectations

We expect a high level of kit, attention to detail and we want to really show off the group and be an ambassador for an under-represented nation. 

Because of this we ask that no mobile phone is to be out on the display, and if a call must be taken/received that it is done off of the display. If photos are wanting to be taken this is an acceptable use of the phone.

Personal hyenine and care is expected. Therefore, please ensure you look after your body, especially feet by changing socks regularly when wet. There will be alcohol on site, but please, drink responsibly.  We will be conducting events in a semi-immersive state, meaning that the public are not to be interacted with whilst on patrol or sentry. If you’re ‘off duty’ you can interact with the public, answering questions etc. Everyone will be expected to carry out four duties, which are cooking, cleaning, patrolling and sentry. These will be decided each morning. The rest of the time you’re not taking part in one of these four duties, the time is your ‘off duty’ time.

Our most recent event video

One of our members (left) Vs an original photograph (right)

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