Showcase Sundays & show updates

By Josh Boyle Recently we have had a change in our membership, so as a result we have had to rethink some of the shows we are attending, reducing the number of public shows. However, we plan to regularly attend Showcase Sundays at Newhaven Fort in East Sussex. We have had immense success with theseContinue reading “Showcase Sundays & show updates”

Headwear of the Romanian Army

Note about article: there was a version of this article uploaded on 23/12/21, however, it was deemed to have too many mistakes, and as such was updated on 24/12/21 By Joshua Boyle In this article we will outline the types of headwear commonly seen within photographs of the Romanian Army in WW2. Md.1934 Capela TheContinue reading “Headwear of the Romanian Army”

Military Odyssey 2021 – Show Report

By Joshua Boyle, Jack Green & Will Kerrs Joshua Boyle, iC Military Odyssey has always occupied a special place in my heart, being one of the oldest and largest multi-period events in the UK. Our group cut its teeth at Odyssey 2019 when we were joined by Traditia Militara from Romania. I was very impressedContinue reading “Military Odyssey 2021 – Show Report”

39th Infantry Regiment Order of Battle

By Joshua Boyle Until now the order of battle of our specific unit has remained somewhat a mystery; English-language sources are somewhat difficult to come by for the Romanian Army in WWII, or at least not ones where the Romanians aren’t been scapegoated for the failures of the Wehrmacht. In Jonathan Trigg’s Death of theContinue reading “39th Infantry Regiment Order of Battle”

Structure of the Romanian Infantry Section

By Josh Boyle The very basic block of the Romanian Army was the Infantry Section (or Grupei de lupta) is the 10 man Infantry section. Three of these sections would form an Infantry Platoon (Plutonului de puşcăsi), and in turn three of these Platoons form a Company (Companiei de puşcăsi), which has support elements suchContinue reading “Structure of the Romanian Infantry Section”

The Right Arm of the Romanian Army – VZ24

By Jack Green The Vz24 is a Czechoslovakian Bolt action rifle based loosely off of the German Gewehr 98 Mauser rifle, it features a similiar bolt design and look to its German counterpart bar a few small differences. After the dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918 one of the new states to emerge was Czechoslovakia, the new state received controlContinue reading “The Right Arm of the Romanian Army – VZ24”

The Haiducii: Romania’s Anti-communist Resistance

By Nelu Pielaru In March 1944, the Soviet Red Army moved into Bukovina, in Northern Romania, and began The “liberation” of Romania, which at the time was an Ally of Germany. As soon as the advance into Romania started, People Fled into the forests and surrounding mountains and began forming Anti-Bolshevik Partisan Units of 15-20Continue reading “The Haiducii: Romania’s Anti-communist Resistance”

Food of the Romanian Army

By Joshua Boyle “An Army marches on it’s stomach.” Napoleon Bonaparte A problem that has perpetually plagued armies throughout history is the subject of keeping troops fed. If troops are fed poorly, or not fed at all, it can lead to low morale and even mutiny. A problem of reenactors is how to replicate theseContinue reading “Food of the Romanian Army”