The Right Arm of the Romanian Army – VZ24

By Jack Green The Vz24 is a Czechoslovakian Bolt action rifle based loosely off of the German Gewehr 98 Mauser rifle, it features a similiar bolt design and look to its German counterpart bar a few small differences. After the dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918 one of the new states to emerge was Czechoslovakia, the new state received controlContinue reading “The Right Arm of the Romanian Army – VZ24”

The Haiducii: Romania’s Anti-communist Resistance

By Nelu Pielaru In March 1944, the Soviet Red Army moved into Bukovina, in Northern Romania, and began The “liberation” of Romania, which at the time was an Ally of Germany. As soon as the advance into Romania started, People Fled into the forests and surrounding mountains and began forming Anti-Bolshevik Partisan Units of 15-20Continue reading “The Haiducii: Romania’s Anti-communist Resistance”

Food of the Romanian Army

By Joshua Boyle “An Army marches on it’s stomach.” Napoleon Bonaparte A problem that has perpetually plagued armies throughout history is the subject of keeping troops fed. If troops are fed poorly, or not fed at all, it can lead to low morale and even mutiny. A problem of reenactors is how to replicate theseContinue reading “Food of the Romanian Army”

Carte des les Associations

By Joshua Boyle 39th Infantry Regiment are happy to announce we are now officially added to the Carte des les Associations, a worldwide database and map of reenactment groups. We were notified of this website from our colleuges at Traditia Militara, who joined us at Military Odyssey 2019 and whom we have a close connectionContinue reading “Carte des les Associations”

153 Training Division – A vital element in 3rd Romanian Army

By Derek Boyle This article explains about the operational history of one of the German Divisions that served in Romania during WW2 that for a time came under the command of the 3rd Romanian Army. The 153rd Grenadier Division (German: 153. Grenadier-Division), sometimes referred to as 153rd Infantry Division (153. Infanterie-Division) in Wehrmacht documents, wasContinue reading “153 Training Division – A vital element in 3rd Romanian Army”

Review of Verlag Kopf

By Joshua Boyle, IC Last week we announced we had made an official partnership with Verlag Kopf, a Slovak based e-shop, which creates high quality reproductions of German and American pocket items, instruction booklets and medical items. Our members enjoy a 5% discount in Verlag (one of the many benefits of joining our reenactment group).Continue reading “Review of Verlag Kopf”

Partnership with Verlag Kopf

By Joshua Boyle, IC We are happy to officially announce that 39th Infantry Regiment are officially partners with @verlag_kopf . Verlag create high quality reproductions of various German personal items such as playing cards, boardgames, posters and ration items, which are all useful for Romanian reenactment. If you get a moment please check them out.

Preparing for an event; what to bring

By Joshua Boyle, IC 39th Infantry Regiment prides ourselves on the semi-immersive and full immersive nature of our public and private events. Due to this the group advises having period correct items, not only to bulk out your breadbag and make it more realistic, but also for use at the shows. The basic premise ofContinue reading “Preparing for an event; what to bring”